Classic Foot Reflexology

  • Initial consultation – £52
  • Treatment – £45
  • Taster session £32

Hand Reflexology

  • Hand Reflexology – £45

Auricular Reflexology

  • Initial consultation – £52
  • Treatment – £45

Ear Seeding

  • Ear Seeding – £15

Fertility & Pregnancy Reflexology

  • Initial consultation – £52
  • Fertility treatment – £45
  • Pregnancy treatment – £45
  • Post-natal treatment – £45

Palliative Reflexology

  • Initial consultation – £52
  • Treatment – £45

Manual Lymphatic Draining – (For Oedema)

  • Initial consultation - £52
  • Treatment - £45



  • Initial consultation – £52
  • Treatment – £45

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about my reflexology treatments in Wilmslow, Cheshire, feel free to get in touch at any time, or visit my About Reflexology and Treatments sections.

Get in touch

Give me a call on 07806555879 or email me at any time to enquire about my reflexology in Wilmslow, Cheshire. We will come up with a treatment plan that works for you, or just have a one-off session if you prefer.

Initial consultation

Through the initial consultation, I aim to find out as much as I can so I can tailor the treatments to your specific needs. I will ask you about your medical history, your allergies, any medication you are taking or any medical issues that you may have in order to gain a detailed picture of your situation so I can ascertain how your body’s systems are interacting and the best treatments to help.

This process will take approximately 15 minutes, after which I will complete a full exploratory treatment, covering all the systems of the body. This will then inform your treatment plan that is tailored to your unique situation. This plan could include any of the wide range of treatments and techniques I offer. For more information about the treatments I offer, please see my Treatments section.

My location

I practice from a comfortable treatment room on the ground floor of a salon in South Wilmslow. It is the perfect space for you to receive the private and personal treatment that you require. There is parking right on the street; it is on the main road to Wilmslow and is easily accessible from Alderley Edge, Mobberley and Knutsford.